Top 5 Stock Photography Agencies to buy from

If you are looking to buy stock photography or even possibly get free stock photography then there are 5 websites that can cater to your every need with ease and quality. These 5 stock photo agencies are the 5 best stock photography agencies that have been present in the stock agency business for a while. When you buy stock photos you make an artist’s life considerably easier since when you buy stock images the artist gets paid for the image multiple times rather than having to constantly spend time looking for one buyer to pay out huge amounts. This helps them to stay relevant and get paid for their work properly. So support your favorite artists and buy stock photography at one of these 5 agencies found by using

1. Getty Images

Getty images is the premier and top of the line for stock photo agencies. With a huge host of photos to pick from and an absolutely no royalties way of doing things, Getty is the best way to not only get yourself great pictures but to also support artists who have worked hard to get the pictures you want. Their wide range of images is also a huge plus since they cover everything from creative imagery to photography and even video (what you can see below).

 2. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is a great stock agency in that they allow for great flexibility. They are great for letting you experiment with your budget and see how much you are willing to put into any one photo and how you want to use various photos. Perfect for the beginner to get introduced to stock photography agencies.


Fotolia is a stock agency with a more than extensive library with multiple search options to help you locate the photos and images that you want to find with ease. They offer a sort of middle priced pricing and free membership to make everything easier for you as you buy stock photos. Fotolia is certainly one of the best in getting your what you need.

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a unique take on things as they offer bulk orders of your images. Rather than selling singular photos you’ll get nearly free stock photography when you buy in huge orders. This makes Shutterstock one of the absolute best in the business (and for your business) if you are part of a business and making business orders. This unique style is guaranteed to make your corporation happy.


Ingimage offers one of the most easily affordable subscriptions along with a 7 day trial and a free 35 image download. They take a pretty basic model but offer excellent pricing to make their position stand out compared to others.

When you are looking to buy stock images these are definitely the sites to look out for. With a huge array of different options in each of them and each site offering their own unique take on the business it’s not hard to find exactly what you need with one or more of them. Each of these 5 agencies would be glad to have your business and the ability to choose the features that you specifically want among the 5 of them makes finding that perfect one for you much easier. With these kinds of options available to you you won’t even need luck to help you find those perfect images because you are already set up to do it.

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