What You can Buy with an iStock Promo Code

istockAs one of the largest and most successful stock photo websites, iStock offers more than just creative files. It also features a user-friendly interface that allows users to find what they are looking for easily and quickly. However, that is not the topic of this article. This articles aims to educate current members and potential users about the files they can buy with an iStock coupon code.

An iStock coupon code is a form of promotion that the stock photo agency and its affiliated websites offer. It usually includes up to twenty percent discount, which you can use to credit pack purchases only. With the increasing amount of websites that offer these codes, you may think that you can get two or three to further your savings on a single purchase. Unfortunately, that is not possible. The website only accepts one promo or discount for one purchase. You cannot combine them to get more savings.

Back on this article’s main purpose, what can you buy with an iStock coupon code? Actually, iStock allows you to purchase royalty-free images, illustrations, videos and audio clips with credits. And, you can only enjoy discounts from buying credit packs. So, logically, you can buy photos, illustrations and other creative files that can be bought by credits with an iStock coupon.


With a promo code, you can purchase photos from the website. iStock has an extremely user-friendly user-interface that allows you to navigate easily and find the perfect photography that will suit your creative project. You can browse through the stock agency’s collection of premium stock images by exploring categories relevant to your desired images.



You can also purchase illustrations to elevate your ideas. iStock has amazing illustrations, vector images, graphics and clip arts in different categories. You will surely find one that will suit your creative needs. After all, the stock agency lets you explore stock illustrations and vector graphics with ease and convenience.



iStock also sells high definition video clips and stock footage. You can explore royalty-free, high definition videos, footage and B-roll from the website’s collection of curated videos. With various categories to choose from, you will surely find the video you are looking for to complement your core message.

Audio Clips


Lastly, iStock also sells audio clips. You can even create lightboxes for them. There is the artist of the month, audio of the week and even free track of the month. The website also allows you to listen to them before actually purchasing them, giving you the chance to verify whether it really does complete your message or not.

There are many creative files that iStock offers and you can buy most of them with an iStock promo code. With discounts to give you further savings, you will have the files you need and the money to spend on other important expenses.

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